Washing machines, dishwashers, reverse osmosis filtration systems, water dispensers, coffee machines or other machines collecting water automatically from the water installation pose a potential risk of an uncontrolled spillage of water in the case of:
• a broken water hose,
• punctured internal elements (drum, pump, pipes, etc.),
• a failure of the water-collection and dosage system.
HYDRO-STOPPER is a reliable and electronically controlled cut-off valve which is small and easy to install by any user. Owing to a unique technical solution of detecting a leakage of water and the execution system the valve can be powered with a single alkaline 1.5V AA LR6 battery or lithium L91 AA battery. The system consumes power (0,45 A) only during the activation (0,01 s) of the water cut-off mechanism. In the stand-by mode, the electronic valve control system is fed with a practically unmeasurable electric current of under 1 nA. Consequently, it is possible to assume that there is no consumption of power in the stand-by mode. For lithium L91 AA battery stand-by time can be more than 10 years.

+ independent power supply source
+ no power consumption in stand-by mode
+ very long stand-by time,
   (more than 10 years with lithium L91 AA battery)
+ maintenance-free
+ works in many applications
+ close and open valve manually
   (if requested)
+ no special treatment needed
   during routine room cleaning
+ doesn’t need special adjustment
+ always takes proper position
+ designed to be insensitive to humidity
+ easy to install
+ no tools needed to mount
+ assembly in any position
+ 3/4’’- 3/8’’ adapters can be used for other application


It's just few easy steps


Connect hoses

Hydro-Stopper valve have standard 3/4


Install batery

Hydro-Stopper uses AA batery


Place sensor

Lay sensor on the floor



Instant cut-off action


There are many advantages of investing in a Hydro-stopper product when flood-proofing your property. There is nothing worse than standing inside your house and looking at the standing water in your floor. Leaks not only waste water, but the damage to a house from a leak can be incredibly expensive . What will be the damage when the water is finally pumped out?
At HYDROSTOP ELECTRONIC we know that you will be rewarded with a large number of advantages if you invest in a Hydro-stopper product. Here is why:


is well established on the domestic market with thousands of installations. Our products are sold through a number of distributors


Our product is designed to provide maximum flexibility, any position assembly, independent power supply


The flexibility of our product also means that the overall cost of the anti-flooding solution will be significantly lower than in cases where other products are used


has existed since the early 1990s and developed the first flood preventing product supplied from 1,5V battery source on the market. Product development and production have always been approached in an innovative way in order to continuously offer the most reliable cut-off valve


Our products are thoroughly tested and approved according to the harmonized EU standards


A major advantage of anti-flooding products is, of course, the fact that you protect yourself from the costs associated with flooding. Hydro-stopper gives you an additional, foremost sense of security, as we believe, is worth investing in


HYDRO-STOPPER can be used either on a cold water tap or a hot water one (to 70o Cels.).


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Menz + Könecke GmbH

Nedco BV

Misterwater GmbH

Ventpack Sverige AB

Escowa AB

Water Company AB

BigStore Svenska AB

Team Vending Support AB

Zego Tech ApS. Water & Coffee

Metafix (UK) Ltd

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