Technical data
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   Technical data

- Water pressure (maximum) 1,0 MPa = 10 bar (tested up to 15 bar)
- Valve inlet ¾’’ female thread
- Valve outlet ¾’’ thread

HYDRO-STOPPER can either be used on a cold water or a hot water tap (to 70o Cels.).

The valve casing is made of polyamide 6.6 and strengthened by 30% of glass fibre.

Car radiators are made of the same extremely heat resistant and lime material.

Another advantage of this material in comparison to metal is that it doesn’t rust. The producer (DuPont) has confirmed this material anti-toxic.

Energy supply: One Alkali Battery LR6 – 1,5V (Mignon)

Tip: Please use only quality batteries – good experience has been proven with batteries of the following producers: Philips, Varta, Energizer, Duracell.

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