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Due to the screw mechanism the HYDRO-STOPPER is very easily fixed to the tap. Please place the enclosed seal with its dome upwards between HYDRO-STOPPER and tap. The integrated filter protects the valve from dirt particles (this may happen during plumbing). Just make sure the valve flap has enough room to jump open (see picture) and tighten the nut firmly by hand.

The battery included is provided with an guarantee date (e.g. 05/09) which is May 2009). This date is stamped very often on to the bottom of battery. Please write this date on the enclosed label. Stick the label on a visible place on the machine. To ensure your HYDRO-STOPPER is always ready for operation, the battery should be changed before the date has expired (approx. 3-4 years).
Check the battery function regularly – at least once every half a year. (please read: Quick Test – No Problem)
Extremely damp rooms may shorten the battery’s durability.
The empty battery should be deposited safely for the environment.

As the HYDRO-STOPPER only needs a current of 0,45 A for 0,1 sec. in case of action and no measurable current is used in inactive periods, you can really rely on your battery.

Now you only have to remove the lid of the battery container, insert the enclosed and guaranteed fresh battery according to the marks (+/-), seal the battery container with self-adhesive, transparent seal and close the lid. Ready.

Place the sensor on the floor near the machine (if the floor is slightly on slope place the sensor at the lowest point) and the HYDRO-STOPPER is ready for use. Please make sure to replace the sensor on the floor after checking the function on the HYDRO-STOPPER. Only there it can protect from water damage

After the installation of your HYDRO-STOPPER please check its function in any case according to the following description:

Quick Test – No problem:
Put the lever in position A (normal position – the valve is open, water can flow). Then place the sensor into a small amount of water – 0,5 mm is enough – the valve flap jumps into position B (please see the picture) – the water supply is shut off directly at the tap. Please close the valve flap after this test and replace the sensor on the floor. That’s it.

We advise you repeat this test every half a year. Be on the safe side.

Important: The HYDRO-STOPPER is shut off valve for domestic use for an additional and simplified improvement of mechanical water protection. In every case the operating manuals of the washing machine manufacturers and dish-washers manufacturers should be observed after installation of the HYDRO-STOPPER. After every washing the tap should be closed.

European patent: 057 24 46

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