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We are proud to present you HYDRO-STOPPER, a patented anti-flooding valve for protecting rooms housing washing machines, dishwashers or other machines collecting water automatically from the water installation. Such devices pose a potential risk of an uncontrolled spillage of water in the case of:

  • a broken water hose,
  • punctured internal elements (drum, pump, pipes, etc.),
  • a failure of the water-collection and dosage system.

HYDRO-STOPPER is a reliable and electronically controlled cut-off valve which is small and easy to install by any user. Owing to a unique technical solution of detecting a leakage of water and the execution system the valve can be powered with a single 1.5V LR6 battery. In the stand-by mode, the electronic valve control system is fed with a practically immeasurable electric current of under 1 nA (1x10-9A).

Consequently, it is possible to assume that there is no consumption of power in the stand-by mode. The system consumes power (0,45 A) only during the activation (0,1 s) of the water cut-off mechanism.

The battery should be replaced when its warranty expiry date – indicated by the manufacturer on the shell – is over, which, however, does not mean that the battery is depleted after the expiry date. The currently produced alkaline batteries are warranted for 4-7 years.

Owing to its specially designed and patented shape, the sensor ensures an effective detection of leakage on the protected area. In addition, owing to the shape, it always lands safely on the ground when dropped. Another advantage of the sensor’s shape is its insensitivity to moisture or even splashing with water, which is especially important in the case of a routine room cleaning.

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